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Welcome to my Corner of the Internet

At this moment in time the ideas I have for this website are nebulous at best. The plans are grand, the time available to spend working on them is scarce. We will see how well that works.

I think weird things, I start work on the weird things I think about, I get distracted, I walk away for days/months/years at a time.

Awhile back – June 9, 2018 to be specific – I had the idea of starting this blog and the way it would be organized.

Then I came back in September, 2019 and did a little bit of work on it.

Before long I had wondered off again, as I do.

Now I’m back with a new drive to get this… thing… out of my head and into the world. Like a brain birth with – ideally – less screaming and blood.

My idea for this site is to center it around “islands”; islands of thoughts, interests, obsessions, musings… When something comes up that I want to share with the world, I will assign it to an island and let it wash up on the shore to become the latest scattered thought castaway.

How is that different than any other blog on the internet? Fuck if I know. Maybe a bit more organized? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: there will be cussing. It’s unavoidable, really. The Islands of Misfit Creativity are uncivilized…

Photo via Good Free Photos (modified by me)